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Raúl's Cryptonews #8: Let's focus on tech, not prices.

February 4 · Issue #8 · View online
Six Angles
As always happens when we aren’t at all-time high prices, 99% of the conversation is about hodling, bubbles, and predictions based on thin air. Yes, BTC was at $20k and now it has lost the $10k and yes, the rest of cryptos aren’t so much better, but we are here for the long term, don’t we?
To distract everyone from the price, instead of a few topics explained, this week’s newsletter brings a longer than usual list of links. Enjoy!

This week I liked...
  • Learning about mesh networks. After the last attacks on net neutrality, it’s pretty clear that we need to build our own decentralized internet networks, and this article does a great job showing it. By the way, in Spain we have!
  • How Maker keeps progressing. Dai, their stable coin, has sailed perfectly the last price swings, and they keep making improvements to the system.
  • How this article illustrates that blockchain is pretty simple, coding from scratch one in 200 lines of code. Yes, we are building a ton of cool stuff on top of blockchain, but at the end, it’s only a very expensive database that doesn’t allow deletions or modifications, only additions.
  • This timeline of centralized exchanges’ catastrophes. Until better alternatives will be ready, centralized exchanges are necessary, but it’s important to know the risks we are accepting having our money in them.
  • This article about who could be Satoshi Nakamoto. Trying to discover who invented Bitcoin and blockchain is part of the fun in crypto, and this article is fun to read, could be right (but probably we will never know).
  • The predictions of Ryan Selkis for 2018. Trying to predict what is going to happen in crypto is almost impossible, but Ryan is one of the most informed people in cryptos, so he sees trends before anyone else.
  • This analysis of Telegram’s whitepaper. It’s the most hyped ICO of 2018 even when the whitepaper is still private. But if an analyst of Pantera Capital, one of the most important crypto funds, says is “$600 Million TONs of Crap”, probably it’s a cash grab.
  • The term hard spoon. Invented by Cosmos (a must-watch project), a hard spoon it’s similar to a fork: holders of the replicated coin have new coins in the new blockchain, but in this case, the blockchain isn’t copied, it’s a totally different one.
  • The idea behind Bletchley indexes. Similar to S&P 500 and other indexes, they try to provide benchmarks for cryptos, by market capitalization or equally weighted. I’m sure that sticking to one of them is more profitable than trading in 90% of the cases.
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