Six Angles

By Raúl Marcos

If you could only read a few articles about cryptos this week, these are the ones you shouldn't miss

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Raúl's Cryptonews #10 own podcast 😂. This week, Pablo Ventura and I cover some basic parts to understand cryptos (in Spanish). Next week: Ethereum! Metcalfe's law states that the value of a network is proportional to the square of participants. This article applies it to ...


Raúl's Cryptonews #9

I know, this is the least weekly newsletter ever. To make things even harder, I have started a podcast about cryptos with Pablo Ventura. It's in Spanish, we haven't promised any frequency (I learn from my mistakes), and our idea is to have a conversation ab...


Raúl's Cryptonews #8: Let's focus on tech, not prices.

As always happens when we aren't at all-time high prices, 99% of the conversation is about hodling, bubbles, and predictions based on thin air. Yes, BTC was at $20k and now it has lost the $10k and yes, the rest of cryptos aren't so much better, but we are ...


Raúl's Cryptonews #7: Coinbase and Bitcoin Cash, MakerDAO launches Dai, and a few analysis.

Cryptonews: Christmas Edition! This week has been a bit boring: 95% of the articles were related to Bitcoin's price. Yes, we know, it's falling, but it's not important! I can't avoid talking about that, but I have tried to focus on tech and great projects i...


Raúl Marcos' Cryptonews #6: Bitcoin Futures, Cryptokitties, IOTA.

I'm back! Ironically, after leaving my job at Cabify to dedicate myself to cryptos I stopped writing the newsletter. It won't happen again!On the bright side, I have a new format: instead of a bunch of links, I will comment every week three or four news in ...


Raúl Marcos' Crypto News #5: China banning exchanges, Microsoft & Ethereum, Metropolis, Casper.

Tomorrow I fly to Tokyo for my holidays and the idea of writing two newsletters from there is not sexy at all :P. Apart from investing in a few ICOs, I plan to disconnect from CryptoWorld, but I'll come back in October!


Raúl Marcos' Crypto News #4: China bans ICOs. How to value cryptoassets. Decentralized lending and margin trading.


Raúl Marcos' Crypto News #3: Kik's ICO, Bitcoin, harmful blockchains, Turing completeness, W-ETH

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Raúl Marcos' Crypto News #2: Metropolis, EEA, NEO, Bitcoin Cash, market manipulation


Raúl Marcos' Crypto News #1

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